Mount Scopus is the most impressive of Jerusalem’s seven hills for its spectacular views over the Old City. The mountain, which should be included on any trip to Jerusalem is called Har Ha’Tzofim (mountain of the watchers) in Hebrew. The name is derived from its use as a vantage point for the Roman army during their suppression of the Jewish revolt in 70 AD. Conflict continued to be centered here as recently as the 1948 and 1967 wars.

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Today the University dominates the mount, a building opened in 1925 as part of a Zionist mission to promote Hebrew culture and learning in Palestine. Mount Scopus is also home to the Hadassah Medical Center, the Augusta Victoria Pilgrims’ Hospice, Mormon Brigham Young University and a British cemetery where soldiers killed during the Middle Eastern campaigns of the First World War are buried.

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A popular destination for travelers, the National Botanical Garden is also located here which contains one of the largest collections of Israeli uncultivated plants.