Ashkelon features 12 kilometers of white sandy beaches, making it a popular Israel package tour as well as with Israelis holidaying at home. The city was named after an ancient city, whose remains can be found in the Ashkelon National Park. Mentioned in the Bible, the city is linked to the stories of Samson and Goliath. The city’s national park contains an impressive city gate dating to the Canaanite Period, around 4000 years ago. Public buildings and scriptures from Roman times, and the ruins of a Crusader Fort can also be found here. The park also features lawned areas and a beach, with plenty of visitor facilities. The Marina, attractive promenade, and Ashkelona Water Park make the area a popular tourist destination.

Education tours of the city itself include visits to an Archeological Park that is home to two spectacular coffins dating back to the Roman period as well as the remains of two Byzantine churches.