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A popular stop on Jewish Israel tours, the Jewish Diaspora Museum specializes in the history of the Jewish people, with art, activities and cultural projects illustrating the story of Jewish communities from all across the world. The museum traces their story from the time of the expulsion from the Land of Israel over 2500 years ago to the present day. There are six themed areas within the museum: Family, Community, Faith, Culture, Among the Nations and the Return. A seventh section, the Chronosphere is a space that resembles a planetarium, featuring a dome and walls that run an audio-visual display of Jewish history on 35 synchronized projectors. There are also study areas installed at various stages of the exhibition where visitors can watch short documentaries or view information on Jewish Diaspora communities on a computer screen.

Often included on Israel tours, the museum is unique in that it contains no artifacts or historical relics, but uses new and innovative techniques to present a kaleidoscope of Jewish life.