This is the hill upon which Jesus is believed to have preached the ‘Sermon on the Mount’. One of the most scenic of Israel sites, the mount overlooks the northwesterly shores of the Sea of Galilee, for glorious views from here across the lake and across to the cliffs of the Golan Heights. Capernaum is also within sight, and just below is Sower’s Cave where Jesus is said to have delivered the parable of the Sower from a boat moored here.

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The mount is also known as Eremos which means uninhabited space, a place recorded by 4thcentury pilgrim Egeria as a cave near the Seven Springs near Tabgha where the Lord ascended to teach the Beatitudes. The Church of the Beatitudes, built in 1938 to blend in with the slope, was undertaken by Franciscan nuns who commissioned architect Antonio Barluzzi. The eight sides of the church represent the eight beatitudes.

The Mount of Beatitudes is also commemorated as being the place where Jesus met his apostles after his resurrection, and where he commissioned them to ‘make disciplines of all nations’. The mount is especially important for those traveling to Israel to see the holy sites.