Nachalat Binyamin market is well known for its original, handmade products. Situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, the market offers a massive range of arts and crafts items, presented by over 200 artists who set up shop on Tuesdays and Fridays. The street market first started in 1987 with just a small collection of artists. Nowadays thousands of people, both local and those on a trip to Israel, stroll the pedestrianized streets on Nachalat Binyamin to purchase goods directly from the makers.

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The market is the largest arts and crafts market in Israel, and in order to present their wares here, artists have to adhere to strict regulations to ensure quality control. All works must be original and handmade and each artist must personally sell their own works. This has created a vibrant artistic community and Israel tourism center with artists who come here, not only to sell, but to exchange ideas with others.

The market runs from the top end of Nachalat Binyamin Street, at the junction of Allenby Street, King George Street and Shenkin Street, and operates adjacent to Tel Aviv’s famous Carmel Market.