The synagogue is often included on an Israel discovery tour. Founded in the fifth century AD, the synagogue comprises a courtyard, corridor, and main hall featuring a magnificent mosaic floor. On the second floor there is a balcony plus a further room. At the entrance to the synagogue, there is an Aramaic mosaic inscription which reveals that the floor was laid in the reign of Justinian I. Another inscription is in Greek, names the mosaic’s artists, Marianus and his son Hanina.

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A colorful mosaic in the main hall has three different panels depicting the Ark of the Covenant, the zodiac and the offering of Isaac. The signs of the zodiac are in Hebrew and are depicted around the sun god Helios who is driving his horse drawn chariot across the sky. There are also four figures in the corners representing the four seasons, while a third panel portrays Abraham holding a knife over his son Isaac. Visitors can watch an audio visual presentation that highlights daily life in the ancient village, and learn how the mosaic was made. Group tours and private tours are available.

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