The Timna Valley, a popular Israel tourism site, is located 25 km north of Eilat, an area used for copper mining in Biblical times with references to mining found in Deuteronomy, Job, Ezekiel and Luke.

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The valley is 90 km square with high mountains on three sides, Mount Timna rising in the center 453 meters above the surrounding area.  An early explorer, Neslon Glueck, was certain that Solomon mined here during his reign, yet archeological investigation at that time ruled this out.  New research confirms however that copper was at its peak of production here during his time. 

The Temple of Hathor, built by the Egyptians in the 13th century, is a notable site, home to Egyptian artifacts such as jewelry and seals. Hathor was the Goddess of miners and a nearby inscription depicts Ramses III offering gifts to Hathor. Solomon’s Pillars, also located here, are unique geological formations created when water eroded rock.

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