Rosh Hanikra Grotto’s and Cable Car

Rosh Hanikra Grottoes

Rosh Hanikra is the site of a unique geological formation, situated at the most northernmost point on Israel’s Mediterranean coast, in the Western Galilee. Accessible by cable car down the cliff face, visitors can follow set trails and see the formations close up. The grottoes and caves are cavernous tunnels created over thousands of years by the action of the sea on soft chalk rock. Around 200 meters long, they branch into different routes some of which interconnect with each other. Before the cable car was installed the only access to them was via the sea, by experienced divers. An audio-visual presentation is available to help visitors understand more about the grottoes at Rosh Hanikra, and there is also a restaurant and tourist facilities located here.

The cliff and the grottoes from the shore

rosh hanikra

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