The Banias Spring

The Banias Spring

The Banias Spring is the tallest waterfall in the Golan Heights, and is located at the base of Mount Hermon.

Banias (Hermon) Stream, nature reserve and a tributary of the Jordan River

During Roman times the village was called Caesarea Philippi, named after King Herod’s son Philip, and the ruins of the ancient palace of Agrippa the Second were discovered here. According to the bible, it was here that Jesus’ disciple Simon told him that the people believed him to be the Messiah. In response Jesus renamed Simon ‘Peter’ or ‘rock’, the rock upon which his church would be founded.

Banias (Caesarea Philippi): Spring and ruined Roman shrine

Today the spring is a popular attraction for those traveling to Israel, and there are multiple scenic trails throughout the area that lead to the waterfall. The waterfall flows all year round but is most plentiful in winter, when it is fed by the snow from Mount Hermon. In the past water gushed from a cave set in the rocks and flowed into the Hula marshes down below. 

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